Verizon dns issues

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Hi, i've been having to reboot my G1100 Quantum router at least three times a day to get the DNS to work. I have a Coax to the G1100, and a Verizon provided wi-fi extender also via coax. the router shows solid white globe, along with the white wifi indicator, and in the rear the WAN port is also ...Re: Weird DNS cache issue on Mobile 3g/4g Verizon Internet. hcanning2012. Newbie. 03-11-2015 08:48 PM. So is the server domain where I host whm which contains as a cpanel ac. Both and point to the same IP address. I'm on hosting who only will give me one IP.

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I have confirmed this is a DNS issue via the command prompt using the nslookup command. While file downloads are in progress no new DNS requests are processed and no new web sites can be reached. Existing site connections and cached DNS information still operate as expected.Welcome to /r/Verizon! A community to discuss and ask questions about anything and everything Verizon, be it Wireless, FiOS, DSL, Landline, etc. Massive Verizon Outage in Georgia. Spoke with customer service, 6-12 hours of outage predicted in Georgia. My home internet and cell phone not working at all, only calls.Re: constant DNS problems. 04-30-2016 05:07 PM. Have you used the reset button on the bottom of the Jetpack to reset it? We usually recommend that you power the device off, remove the battery and SIM card, wait a minute, reinstall the battery and SIM card, power up, and use the reset button. You might also try disabling IPv6 just in case.“The competitive environment has changed again here in the fourth quarter, and you can expect us to respond accordingly.” “The competitive environment has changed again here in the...I changed the DNS settings on my PC to go to preffered DNS servers of OpenDNS and I can get to the site so it is a problem with Verizon DNS servers. Verizon, please fix your DNS servers! 0 LikesSome forum. No reply. Appears Verizon is have DNS server issues. I changed my DNS server from auto to and and then flushed the DNS cache and its fixed.I'm having issues where devices, like my desktop or laptop stop resolving IPs. I have the ZenWiFi hardwired as an access point with the SSID as the FIOS router. They are connected intially but eventually they loose internet access and nslookup fails to resolve basis sites like 2, 2011 · I woke up this morning, hopped on the web and I'm having serious DNS issues. Win7 Network and Sharing center showed that I was on my network but had no internet access. I switched from Google DNS servers to the FiOS DNS servers, that helped a little. I now had an internet connection but some websit... Verizon's 30-day free trial for non-customers to experience unlimited data on their fastest 5G network is now available. Verizon has launched a free trial offering 30 days of unlim...On one of your computers, try configuring CloudFlare DNS. Instructions are on this page: . Remove these DNS settings after a few days of testing, and let us know if they helped or made no difference. Generally, Verizon's DNS Servers are reliable, and outages would affect a large number of people.Imagine that verizon's DNS servers are located in San Jose, but you and your ISP are located in new York City. Why would you drag content across the US to your location? TL;DR: Correct DNS: You -> Your ISPs DNS server -> Root servers -> CDN SOA -> CDN SOA IP announced by BGP -> ISP Router -> closest CDN DNS -> Closest CDN Machine -> back to you.Downdetector only reports an incident when the number of problem reports is significantly higher than the typical volume for that time of day. Visit the Downdetector Methodology …At least two months ago it became appaent something changes in the FIOS CO. Internet URL performance was SLOW and connecting to our comoany VPN (Arcot client) went from seconds to over 5 minutes .. This happened to ALL co-workers in NJ and in MA. Substituting Google DNS ( and resolve...resolve connection issues with the Verizon Internet Gateway. 2.1/ COMPUTeR NeTWORK CONFIGURATION Each network interface on your computer should either automatically obtain an IP address from the upstream Network DHCP server (default configuration) or be manually configured with a statically defined IP address and DNS address. We recommendYou can change your Wi-Fi settings at any time. If you have Fios Quantum Gateway or a Verizon Fios Advanced router, you can use My Verizon to manage basic Wi-Fi network settings. Top settings include: You can also use the Guided-test Solution Tool to help you find your home Wi-Fi credentials, how to change them, or how to change your Wi-Fi ...Our members on Verizon FIOS and Verizon DSL are having DNS issues. We are based in California and all the issues are based on Verizon's network in California. Randomally FIOS users cannot get to certain websites and ours is one of them. One of the big ones is Newbie. 02-06-2012 11:00 AM. This is on my DSL Extreme line, but it uses pppoe to connect to Verizon. I run my own DNS server and it can't connect to DNS servers, so here it is by IP. root@ppoe:~# traceroute traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets. Community Leader. 07-19-2011 01:16 PM. You should be able to leave the DNS settings blank or set to "use ISP" in which case the addresses which Verizon supplies to the router's WAN interface will be automatically leveraged by the router. Your clients then will use the router itself (!, but in your case whatever address you set for the ...Re: Weird DNS cache issue on Mobile 3g/4g Verizon Internet. 03-11-2015 08:48 PM. So is the server domain where I host whm which contains as a cpanel ac. Both and point to the same IP address. I'm on hosting who only will give me one IP.On the open page, next to "Internet Connections," clA massive chunk of the internet dropped offlin Login to your router. Go to: My Network > Network Connections > Broadband Connection. Under "Action" Click the edit icon. Click Settings at the bottom. On the drop down menu at DNS Server choose "Use the following DNS Server Addresses". Enter the DNS servers you want to use. Check to see if it shows your router's IP (such as 192.16 The problem must be here or in Verizon's DNS server or servers. The actual DNS IP address was another piece of information that support wouldn't give me. ... DNS issues will slow down the initial connect to the POP3/SMTP servers, because the initial connection depends upon name resolution provided by the DNS. However once the name has been ...For in-depth troubleshooting and support information on the Verizon Internet Gateway - Business (FSNO21VA), please explore the following topics: Verizon Internet Gateway - Business setup video. Verizon Internet Gateway for Business user guide. Verizon Internet Gateway for Business user guide - With CRSP update (Effective date: 9/19/23) Accessibility Resource Center Skip to main content. Personal Busi

My browsers are often unable to resolve host names while this is happening, and download speeds slow to a crawl. I tried using OpenDNS servers along with a different Verizon DNS server ( and I also tried turning off all security features as per pre-reset. I reset my tcp/ip stack. All to no avail; this intermittent issue persists.I have been using OpenDNS for years now, not a single problem, I highly recommend using them. I started using OpenDNS because of occasional problems with the Verizon DNS servers, problems that just don't happen with OpenDNS. _____ Justin FiOS TV, 25/25 Internet, and Digital Voice user QIP7232, QIP7100-P2, IMG 1.9.1After days of troubleshooting, searching and calling Verizon, I found out that the problem was entirely on my end. My laptop had the MAC address of the previous Pi-Hole installation hardcoded as a DNS entry. The Google DNS servers, and, were also in there.Then finally on this page go down to where it says DNS Server and change the drop down to "use the following". Now you can put in a lot of different things here, but the DNS server I use are and There are many others that you can use but this is where you put the info in. 2. Change the DNS on the computer.

Hello, I hav a problem with my DSL Internet Connection. I had chatted with 4 other reps last night but all the chat sessions ended up disconnecting. Let me explain the issue. The Router is Actiontec GT704WG gateway. I cannect to the router with verious devices including my laptops and smart phones. ...This was and now is Verizon. Or you can use Google's DNS servers: Preferred: Alternate: ... An nslookup to see what IPs you're getting would work just fine, though and would prove a DNS issue if something did mess with your DNS settings. I've also loaded up some other websites like,,, and ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. The problem with using Benchmark or other t. Possible cause: Correct answer: Where in the router settings can I change IPs to my dns settings. I need.

It's possible Verizon's DNS is yet again broken. If you want to use Verizon's DNS services instead of servers like OpenDNS, do this. Take the IP addresses of the DNS Servers your router shows, and change the last digit from 12 to 14. This will give you proper DNS. If changing the DNS Sever doesn't fix the problem, let us know.I recently upgraded my very old Fios Router to a G3100 and also upgraded to a Gigabit Connection. I run Outlook 2013 on my PC to sync with my email account. Note this is not a Verizon or AOL email account. It is my own domain through GoDaddy which I think uses Office365. Anyway, since the upgrade...The Verizon Wireless TG790 4G router for its "4G/LTE Wireless Installed" service has a menu option to add a Dynamic DNS service directly into the router -- and not on a resident client PC application. This is the preferred dynamic DNS configuration since the DNS will update even if a PC on the network that runs the dynamic DNS app crashes.

Alternatively, enter into the URL address field. From the log-in screen, enter the Network Settings password printed on the label on the rear of your router. The first time you access your Verizon Router, an Easy Setup Wizard displays to guide you through the setup process. Here's how to access the admin page to manage settings for ...Hello Verizon Community! I'm currently having a bit of a bit of a problem with my internet connection. My browsers will randomly fail to load a webpage, every couple of minutes. If I'm lucky, the problem goes away for a few hours, but it comes back. Here's what I've tried so far.: Updated to the new...

Click the edit icon, or just click on the name to get to the edi The default Verizon DNS servers. By default, when you connect to the internet through Verizon, your device automatically uses their DNS servers. These default servers are provided by Verizon and generally perform well for most users. If you haven't experienced any issues with browsing speed or accessing websites, there's usually no need to ...Community Leader. 08-28-2022 09:30 AM. From what I am reading about the DNS rebind, some public DNS servers are responding a local IP address instead of a public routable IP address. Given you have an iPhone and a router, you have two local IP addresses already, so the DNS rebind could target either your iPhone, your router, or both. On the open page, next to "Internet CIn doing some tests, users that have the p Since about Monday I'm unable to access various sites. I have confirmed they are up because I can access them from a nearby Starbucks and a Mar 28, 2024 ... We can't eliminate all DNS issues, but we c I have a Verizon home internet gateway (ASK-NCQ1338). I'm trying to change the DNS settings to have an adult website filter for our home network. I'm in Advanced-->Network Settings-->Network Connections-->Broadband Connection-->Settings. I change the "Internet Protocol" to "Use the Following IPv4 Address", which then lets me edit the IPv4 … Between approximately 12:15 UTC and 13:40 UIf it's an issue with a network managed by, tClick the edit icon, or just click on the name to get to the ed Right-click your internet connection and choose Properties, Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click the Properties button, Click the item labeled Use the following DNS server addresses, Enter ...Accessibility Resource Center Skip to main content. Personal Business. Stores Re: DNS not resolving correctly. LawrenceC. Community Verizon Wireless Outage Map. The map below depicts the most recent cities in the United States where Verizon Wireless users have reported problems and outages. If you are experiencing problems with Verizon Wireless, please submit a report below. Loading map, please wait... The heatmap above shows where the most recent user-submitted and social ... In doing some tests, users that have the problem[2. I have my xbox 360 set up with a wired connection directly to th“The competitive environment has changed again here in the fourth qu Dec 7, 2021 ... Okay, remember that that my problem is not with Verizon. My problem is sporadic behavior with DNS on any website. Verizon was simply an example ...